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Western Florida's choice for inspection services is Air Quality Management Services, LLC. The right inspection and assessment services can give you the best information available with fast turnaround! Call now to learn how affordable the right knowledge can be!


So why do cleaning and restoration companies consistently choose AQM? Fast and reliable service is paramount! We'll always arrive when we say we will and you'll always receive a comprehensive report characterizing current conditions with full remedial recommendations.  AQM also provides post remedial mold assessment for project closure and documantation.

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As Florida's first Licensed Mold Assessor we're ideally suited to the task of mold remediation. When your job includes mold, it should also include a call to the experts for the right inspection and recommendations.

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    •   Water and mold remediation assessments

    •   Post-remedial evaluations and verifications.

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With over 26 years of experience, the highly-trained staff at AQM can assist you in creating a safe, habitable environment for your clients every single time. Get service fast! When you call for an inspection we can typically respond within 24-48 hours and receive the testing results within 24 hours after the samples arrive at the Lab.

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Before and after restoration

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