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Knowledge makes all the difference in an inspection

Our Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) brings years of experience and a firm understanding of building science to give you the most comprehensive, knowledgeable inspection for all areas of the structure.


A home is the biggest investment you'll ever make, so make sure you choose the right one! With our infrared camera services you'll be able to see the structural details of your building easily and determine areas of current moisture / leaks, missing insulations, leaking ductwork, and even locations of hot water piping (sub slab).! Trust AQM for the most your inspection services.

Trust infrared to find the issues

IR cameras find water intrusions, HVAC duct air leakage, sub-surface heat sources, roof leaks, moisture intrusions and verify the construction details. Get the full picture of your home today!

Who needs it?

    •   Home buyers/sellers

    •   Real estate professionals

    •   Commercial owners

    •   Condo owners and more!

Never make a decision with half the information!

Trust Florida's first Licensed Mold Assessor - MRSA #1 to give you the complete picture of your home's environmental health. Whether you're buying, selling or thinking of renovating you can trust the information you receive to be the best available. Call today!

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